Be You! Love Yourself!

Dear brilliant ladies,

Welcome to our life.

The Official 4 Ladies it´s a project I´ve been working on for almost a year.

Why do I call it a project even though it is finally a blog?

Now the interesting part has to come...

The content I will produce on this blog will be about us ...,about the life woman and will be an interactive blog.Everyone will have a chance to tell their stories,or opinions not just in comments,because every week there will be a debate topic,and I will wait for your emails,the most interesting ones will be published.

It will be a blog where you will have an important role also.

My name is Irina. 

I´m 38 years, roumanian nationality, married and living in Austria.

I´m mother of 2 wonderful children.

Business woman...19 years of studies...Master's degree...

Been in the Fashion Industry for many years.

Shopping addicted …makeup products lover…and with my own style.

All my life I was a rebel.

I liked to do what I wanted egal if it was good or bad.

At the end of each or I was wining something or I learned a lesson of life.


One word for each period of my life till now.

For me didn´t exist I cannot - only I don´t want.

Always I was open to do or at list to try.

I´m not here to give lessons.

I´m here to proof,you can be strong,beautiful,motivated….



Irina B.